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Our Snowmen

Some years ago something strange happened in Rovaniemi. In a sunny winter day a group of snowmen walked to the Arctic Circle. These lively and cheerful Snowmen who loved snow and ice had heard that right here, at the Arctic Circle, Santa Claus meets with people. As Snowmen also wanted to meet their good friends, humans, but also have fun in Snowman style, they decided this was the place to deliver their important message.

There is a great danger that these lovely Snowmen will melt. The climate is getting warmer and the   Snowmen are battling against the global warming by finding new ways for all of us to Stay Cool! The Snowmen are proud to invite you to the Arctice Circle to enjoy fun activities in snow and ice with them.

So come and meet our lovely Snowman siblings to the Arctic Circle, right next to Santa Claus! Ice Hockey promise Flake is the wildest of them three and you might get him to teach you how to shoot the puck on the ice. You will propably find rock star Frost somewhere playing the air guitar. He believes he can make northern lights appear by finding just the right chords. Aurora, sister to these two rowdy brothers, is a dreamer. She loves poems and artistic ice sculptures but nothing gets her more excited than seeing the beautiful northern lights, Aurora Borealis, of which she has been named after. You might also meet the groundskeeper Snowman who takes care of our guests and watches over the whole world of snowmen.

The parents of these siblings you will not meet in the Snowman World. They work during winters in the snowball factory in Kaamanen where they store snow to a secret place, in case of the warming of the climate. The snowman siblings spend their winters in the Arctic Circle studying winter sports, ice and snow sculpting and aurora hunting. They will take you to enjoy the arctic outdoors and help you to try new things like sliding down the ice hills and ice skating.